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Here is the official moonroof tilt DIY that MikeC and I had put together.

Moonroof Tilt DIY in PDF format.

G2 Legend Moonroof Tilt Modification

Step 1. Locate plastic tab on the underside trim of the moonroof (left and right side) and remove with small screwdriver.

Step 2. Remove screws using a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 3. Pull back and out of the way felt trim piece (coupe only)

Step 4. Un-screw four 10mm nuts (left and right side)

Step 5. Lift and remove moonroof out of the way
(note: at this point you may find shims on the assembly. To ensure the shims are placed back where they belong, I labeled each shim with a permanent marker. Based on where a shim is placed, I labeled each shim as follows:

Drivers front side - LFT = Left Front Top
Drivers rear side - LRT = Left Rear Top
Passenger front side - RFT = Right Front Top
Passenger rear side - RRT = Right Rear Top

Step 6. Turn key to accessory and open the moonroof so that the moonroof glass bracket no longer rests on top of the slide stop.

Step 7.

Unscrew one 10mm nut and two screws.

Remove two 10 mm nuts and rail holder (for '91 - '93 Legends, remove the wind deflector).

Remove drain channel from rear of moonroof opening. (This is optional, but I found it easier to lift the rail without this piece in the way.)

Step 8. Locate stop and lift guide rail. Take your pliers and un-screw the screw that holds down the stop.

Note: On the coupe, simply remove the slide stop. On the sedan, move it to a forward position.

Step 9.
After the stop has been removed, be sure that the guide rail is in its place then take the 10mm nut and the two screws and screw them back in place. Be sure each screw is in its right place. (they are different screws). Follow this procedure on the other side.

Replace the rail holders and reinstall nuts to the guide rail (dark colored nut goes on the end of the guide rail). Reinstall drain channel. Be sure to install it such that it slides firmly back into position before screwing it back into the moonroof glass bracket.

Step 10. At this point, turn key to accessory and move the moonroof mechanism to its normally closed position.
Step 11. Place moonroof back in its place, before you screw back the 10mm nuts, lift the moonroof slightly and place shims back to its original place.
Step 12. Take the four 10mm nuts and re-secure them on each side.
Step 13. Put back felt trim in its place (if removed).
Step 14. Put the plastic piece back in its place and insert the screw and tighten (note the tab on the moonroof glass assembly onto which the trim piece slides). Then snap the small black piece to cover the screw. Follow this procedure on the other side.
Step 15. Enjoy your new tilt moonroof.

Supplement (by KeithQNguyen): This mod allows one-touch operation of the moonroof using a DEI window module (DEI 530T)

Well the DEI unit is about $90 and you have to drop your headliner and wire in 12v that you could get from the amp below the window..... I don't use it since i have a system installed...

Basicly what you do is you wire it the opposite way the directions tell you to, having the unit close the roof but wired to the open position and the unit open wired to the close position... you use the auxilery open wire with a relay to convert a 12v positive signal to ground that is intended to open regular windows for 3 inches, but just enough for the roof to be completely closed and centered... and the close option is wired straight.... so any way, when you open the roof you just press the button down for 2-3 seconds and it'll open the roof automaticly via one touch, when you close it'll, the roof will side all the way and tilt, but once it tilts and you tap the open once, it'll closes just right.... One last thing is, you have to swap the little icons, from close to open and open to close, use Elmer's spray adhesive to reglue, it's not perminant, it's reversalbe. I have it wired to my alarm channel and it set to vent every I arm my car unless i tell it to close... Sorry my directions arn't exactly clear --=Keith

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You use a pair of needle nose pliers, some have tried drilling, but I don't recommend that because I hate making permanent mods. --=Keith

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The little rectangle thing in the middle is the stop. The screw is underneath it. You can't get a screwdriver in there so you will have to twist the screw out with pliers as soon as you take off the other two screws (shown in picture) so that you can lift the rail up.

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