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More pictures of me and my car on trip last time

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Two years ago when I do the road trip with my car to Mount Rushmore, South Dakota.

Just a proof that I passed Idaho! hehehe.......... :D

Devil's Tower, stunning place. I also go to Badlands, Yellowstone, Lake Tahoe, etc. It was a very nice experience. Just a memory now. Have to do it again, and more often.

Cheers............... :D :D :D
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Great pics alex- you the man!!

Maybe u should try smiling next time :D

Hey, I'm not photogenic you know! hahhahah!!!!!!!!, I don't know why, always like that if I'm in the picture. Many people said that to me. SMILEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, hehehee...............

Esti said:
Great pics alex- you the man!!

Maybe u should try smiling next time :D

Nice pictures Alex. I also went to Yellowstone and Mt Rushmore last May. I'd love to go there again!!
You car looks very nice!!
Alex, I want that paint!! Who did it?? I'll pay for a trip to Japan if they can come here and hook me up!!!!!!!
Wow, you've been all over the U.S. with your Legend and it still looks awesome! Lookin' sharp!
hey alex, i saw ur license plate ur from ri what part im from fall river ma maybe we can meet up
Nice Pic

Alex That car is Great! I saw it online a few years back but in person at bear montain, Was even better!

Now all you have to Mod is your Pic POSES! LOL

BTY What kind of Deck do you have? You have an URL? I love the color!
hahhahha!!! alex!!! nice pictures! hahahahaaa looks like u didn't like passing thru idaho, but know i know why you look mad... one of my friends look mad ALL the time in all his pics too, i dunno why hehe i guess it's just you!

wait, i see a smile in the first picture now! (compared to the second, your cheaks!!)... damn your legend is sweet, awesome rims and the only legend in the universe with that paintjerb! hehee
Thanks all, now I have to reply each of you, hehehe....... :D

ILOVELEGEND, definitely those places are very very nice. I would love to go there again, and I want to go to Badlands again. Also, I have to climb the Pikes Peak, CO again, because last time I did that with my now wrecked Honda Accord. Now need to do it with my legend.

jrock7791, a bodyshop in Missouri did that paint job. He might be able to go to Japan, but I doubt it. The bodyshop owner himself paint my car, the employee cannot do it correctly, even him has some mistakes too. Nothing is perfect you know.

SammyD, come on buddy......., you should have known it by now! hahahha!!!!!!!!. Now it's your turn do to it with your car.

Leon Millette, hmmmm....... just wondering, official for what? hehehhee.......... I'm kinda slow today, so next time, wanna arrange a cross country driving? all legend owners??? You're the Boss you know.

legenddriva88, yes 2 years ago I was in RI, but now I'm in Watertown, MA. But, I can still meet up with you, Fall River is not far, and I like to go there in the night when I was in RI. I especially like the view on the I-195 East before the bridge. And Horseneck beach is cool too! hehehhee........ Maybe you need to talk to SammyD too, he's from RI.

TALRUDEBOY, Huahuhaua!!!!!!! my poses can't be modified. I'm always like that men. No smile at all. Kinda horrible I know, but oh well........., it's just me. About the Deck, do you mean my audio? It is an old Pioneer ODR CD-player, the website has been taken down a long time ago. No more website for that already.

legendarith, hehehe........., not I don't like, just sometimes I'm tired man. The whole trip is fun, but tiring too. Everynight I have to find different motel to stay. Kinda hard to do, and I do about 10 hour drive everyday. No no........, there are some other in Calif with that kind of paintjob. He's just not here probably. I really want to find the real owner of the other legend with chameleon paint job.

Pheewwwwwwwwwww.........., finally, after a long reply, I'm done............ :D :D :D
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Haha, that's true Alex, I should've know. I was just thinking you went to Missouri and back all the time, haha. But I truly didn't know you went to places like California. I learned something new today :) .

legenddriva88, I'm always down for a meet.
That's me man. You're one little crazy friend. I love driving, and the places that I've never been is Florida. I've been to most of the state, but just Florida, damn!!!

If I have the time and the money, I would love to drive to Alaska, but I will drive up north from here (MA) to New Brunswick, Quebec, passing all the canadian state, and ends up in Alaska. After that, going down passing Vancouver, and........... don't know, maybe Mexico? hauhauuauha!!!!!!!!!!!!, just a dream probably. It's just a dream...................

Thanks for the reply.

Alex Florida is a great ride from NY to me. My cuz and I did it in 18 hrs. I love comming from the cold weater into palm trees on the highway with 70 degree weather. Sunroof open and saying to my self haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Screw NY ( I did it in December a few years back!)
Sammy D and alex i wouldnt think u would come down but my legend is a g1 but im still getting it ready for paint. so i dont think u wanna see it and one more thing im only 15 gonna be 16 on halloween and then 6 months from then i will have my licencse so im pretty younge lol, but i loved legends so much that i bought one that needed alot of work and me and my dad and makeing it brandy new again well peace out
"there are some other in Calif with that kind of paintjob. He's just not here probably. I really want to find the real owner of the other legend with chameleon paint job."

There was a four door in Mobile, Alabama that had the same paint. The owners name was Rodney. I'm not sure what all else he had done too it. But colorchange paint very similar to yours along with a kit and wheels.
Damn Cool Man... I would have been scared to drive that far on 19's... I 'de be scared one of my tires would blow out and i'de be stuck... Cool pics man... I'll have some Miami Pics of my Legend comming up when I get back to ATL..
TALRUDEBOY damn, Florida. But I don't think I need it today anymore. Yesterday and today is freaking hot up here. 90 degrees! that's insane. I'm toasted here.......

legenddrive88 Hey, don't worry man!, who cares about your age, and the condition of your car, as long as you drive legend, and you love it, you're part of the family. Of course you might be the youngest around, but we can be younger than you if we want to you know! hehehhee............... :D Darren (hopefully it's your correct name, I'm kinda forget about your name, sorry sorry)......, yep it's classic........, I cannot say anything more about it. Hahhaha!!!!!!!

ATLimaging Doug, really........, so any pictures of it? Around here, I only see the old Mercedes Benz 450SEL if I'm not wrong, with same color. Didn't look that good, because he didn't change anything else on the car. Looks funny. How about you???, no colorchange????

Thai.95LCoupe Well, I'm scared too, but I bought this wheels already, if I'm scared all the time, it's not fun. So, I just think, be happy ang think positive. Luckily nothing happen the whole 9300mile trip. Not single flat tire. Lucky me I guess. But, slightly bent front rims, in California.

Hey guys, just another idea here, why don't you put your real name too when you're replying? or you just want to remain unknown????? Unless you screenname is your name already, like Sammy and mine. Just an idea you know.
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i hear ya alex my name is jeff my nick name is TinY
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