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motor kicks

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Alright here it goes my 94 legend l was running smooth this morning but when I got home I noticed it started to overheat but I corrected that but then I noticed as I was picking up speed the motor started to kick, and kick pretty damn hard too. And then I noticed when I was stopped at a light the motor started shaking real harsh like. I know that its normal for it to shake but this shaking wasn't normal. Almost as if it was bogging out. Help please?!
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Check to make sure your vac hoses aren't cracked. Also check your motor mounts. You may need to poly fill them.
The engine overheating and then you corrected that needs a little bit more explanation.
I'd start by checking the coolant level. If your low the system needs to be topped off. I would also bleed it. (what caused it to over heat, how did you fix it?
Sounds like your missing. I would unplug one coil at a time while the car is running to see which one is missing. And like Kevin said we need some clarification on how you corrected the overheating incident
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