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Let's all name five (or so) songs we're listening to these days. I'm always lookin for new songs.

Dave - Rapunzel of his more lively songs. try to get the live in chicago version

Big Tymers - Still Fly ...gotta love dem gator boots :D

Lox ft Eve, Timberland - Ride Or Die Chick ..older song, i just rediscovered it on my computer

OAR - About An Hour Ago ...good driving music (not that i'd know :))

Truth Hurts feat Rakim - Addictive ...Gotta include one really mainstrem song in here right? this one's good.


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Clipse feat Neptunes - Grindin'
Truth Hurts - Addictive REmix
P-Diddy - I need a girl Part 2
Dirty Vegas - Days Go By
B2K - Gots to Be

I gave up on rap tooo much negativity to be subjected to on a daily basis...:(

So now I listen to:

Jaheem Ghetto Love Album
Mary J No More Drama Album
AAlyaha Album
Usher 8701 Album
Brandy Never Say Never Album

Various New Age Jazz Boney James, Najee, Johnathan Butler....

Ashanti Happy
Isyss Jadakiss Day and Night
Armaurie Why dont we fall in love (That track is fire)
Tweet Call Me

I've became an R&B Head:D :)

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Songs I listen to:

Styles P - Good Times
Bone Thugs - Crossroads
Ice Cube - Today Was a Good Day
Bone Thugs - Mo Murda
Jay-Z & Scarface - Guess Who's Back
Tupac - Life Goes On
Nas - Drunk By Myself
Nas - One Mic
Fat Joe - Live My Lifestyle
Jay-Z & Eminem - Renegade
Eminem - Soldier
Bone Thugs & Tupac - Thug Luv (a classic! :D )
DMX - Ain't No Sunshine

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B2K album
CQuence album
Nelly - Luvin Me
both Dru Hill albums
both Changing Faces albums
Drop n Harmony (DnH)
One Vo1ce
Linkin Park
Kirk Franklin
Craig David
Ruff Endz
Sade's Lover's Rock album
all the Boyz II Men stuff (except for xmas interp)
Coco Lee
Bone Thugs n Harmony (East ninety ninety nine nine nine nine)
Usher (GF got my CD)
Jagged Edge

Anything else?

I'm too sexy for my car
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Well when I had my system all I really use to play was the following

Bob Marley
Notorious B.I.G = Ready to Die and Life After Death
Tupac = All Eyes on me, Makaveli and G.H.
B.G. (cash money)= had the entire catalog
Jay-Z =Reasonable Doubt and In my lifetime vol 1
Jagged Edge
Faith Evans
50 Cent
Alien Ant Farm (smooth criminal)

Theres many more but I just cant think. I just love music in general cause if its hot then theres no denying it.

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G. Dep - Special Delivery, Smash on da first night, Dope fiend
KRS One - Outta Here (Just got da speakers dat Alexander hooked me up with installed.........thanks potna)
Jay Z - Guess who's baazaack!
Clipse feat Neptunes - Grindin' (Plus some underground stuff dat they got and lots of beats----i get perks)
Jagged Edge
Mary J.


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Oasis - Wonderwall
Dropline - Fly Away From Here
Our Lady Peace - Somewhere Out There
Strokes - Hard To Explain
Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles (yep)
Hives - I told you so

-Listen to this frequently all the time (as in not just now)
Collective Soul - The World I Know
Green Day - Time of your Life
Everything but the Girl - 25th December
Various Spanish Rock - Nek, Mana, etc...
Ella Fitzgerald
Sam Cooke....Marvin Gaye & Tammi, Vivaldi... etc etc....

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Cam'Ron- Oh Boy
Jay-Z/Scarface- Guess Who's Bizzack
Neptunes/Noreaga- Nothing
NSync/Nelly- Girlfriend Remix
Big Tymers- Still Fly
P. Diddy/Usher/Loon/Ginuwine- I Need a Girl pts. 1 & 2

Various slow jam discs i have for those late night drives

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311 Amber is awesome, if u like that, u'll like 311- Champagne
Big Tymers - Still Fly is phaat, lol try their song "Cutlass MonteCarlos and Regals"
also try Look at me feat Juvenile, BG, Lil Wayne
I listen to some of Dido's album, some Pep Love, Big tymers, 311 (the blue album, Music, and Champagne CD's are awesome) some Linkin Park, Mos def feat. Talib Kweli, Biggie, Santessa, Snoop, Trick Daddy (Gotta love Dro In the Wind), Usher, P. Diddy, and various others lol :)

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Cool man...Dave is the frickin man...I'm a recently acquired Dave fan but I love him so much...I play the guitar and his songs are amazing...I havn't come across one that is extremely easy to play...

Anyways, ya his music sounds great...The whole DMB is at the top of their game. Most talented group of musicians out there...

Some songs of his I like are...

Tripping Billies
Ants Marching
The Stone
& the entire "Under the table and dreaming" CD...

Some other bands I like are...

The Nixons
Better than Ezra
Puddle of Mudd
Plenty of other bands, but its too early to think right now so I'll respond again later..:p

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...I'm a recently acquired Dave fan but I love him so much...
Here are some of my favorite songs of his:

Two Step (the live accoustic version is realllly good)
One Eyed Fish (sounds different from most of his songs)
Dancing Nancies
Stay (live in chicago)

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Wow... I feel like a weirdo outcast by posting stuff that I listen to:

Ghetto Boys
Whiplash (techno)
DJ Micro
Crystal Method
Ministry (Industrial Rock)
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
KoRn (Ok, now you may make fun of me.... avid fan since 1993)
Faith No More
DJ Tiesto
Kottonmouth Kings
Vanilla Ice (the girls love it, seriously...)

oh, and one of my personal favoites... D R A M A ... FOO! (and let's not forget the most notorious of em all... Savannah, GA's own CAMOFLAUGE!!!!)

- Make em say Uhhhh, ya'll!

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Ok here's my list:

Award Tour, Electric Relaxation - A Tribe Called Quest

That Was Then - Roy Jones Jr. f. Dave Hollister

One In A MIllion - Aaliyah

Come As You Are - Nirvana

Anything from George Howard

Night Nurse - Gregory Isaacs

Fantasy Love - Stanley Clarke f. Howard Hewitt

Maggot Brain - Funkadelic

Final Peace - Jeff Beck

Thug Luv - Bone Thugs n Harmony f. Tupac

A Lot To Learn/ Here We Go Again - DMX

Anything from Bob Marley

Anything from Loose Ends

It's All About Me - Mya f. Sisqo

My Dear - Mint Condition

Anything that has Stevie Nicks or Fleetwood Mac
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