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My 1992 JDM Legend, Under construction

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-next week...
--powerslot rotors front and rear
--RH Evolution 18" S-15's
--Finish installing Strictly Modified Air Suspension
--Changing intakes to a Weapon R Dragon

Recently added was...
--Zex Nitrous ( still working out the kinks)
--Street Glow Neon (Blue)
--Cobra Eyes washer LED's
--Playstation 2
--a second 5inch tv
--interior strobes and headlight strobes
All the other audio\visual stayed the same check the link to TEMPLE


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dare ga otosan?
WHOS YOUR DADDY?? Good nihongo! Well literally he lives in AZ. But for this purpose thats usually the question I ask to everyone here that steps up. So to answer your question, wakani!! Take care JROCK
beautiful jdm Legend an that stereo system is simply AWESOME
Thanks Fellas.
Well me and the baby are going to another car show tomarrow in Takasaka, Japan... I'll post the pics asap!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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