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My 87 Legend Sedan

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I got pics up finally!

I finally got pics of my car up. YOu guys can see it at my site:

Happy viewing of one of few G1's that are tuned in the SGV.
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They're good. Hope nobody closes this down because of it. I'm just trying to show my car here! THrottle responce is better. Got better milage too. I'm gonna be dyno testing em soon.
bump. hehehehe :p
nice! the intrax springs and tint look tight. Also, I think the 87/88 sedans and the coupe rims look better without the center caps (esp. after lowering).
What tint???
oops, sorry i just hit the crack pipe.:eek:

j/k. maybe you should acutally tint it...:)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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