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The restoration is something I am working on slowly (as the $ determines what I can do). It includes the dying of the seats (I have to dye the front seats again because the stuff the guy used on my seats originally is wearing off. I'm going to use Leatherique. The carpet is the next thing to go. It's not stained or anything, but it has faded alot. Floor mats and door kick panels will need to be recarpeted as well. Here's what I'm looking at pricewise:
Leather dye (I do labor) : $150
Floor mats: $90
Carpet: $400 (non-OEM, dealer wants $700 for carpet)

So the first order of business is the front seats. I thought long and hard about new leather, but I really think this Leatherique stuff can restore softness, I just have to get all the old dye off.
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