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BLACK 94GS SEDAN Auto For Sale In CA

I'm selling my car soon and wanted to see if anyone is interested. I'm open to any offers. Send me a PM if you're interested. I am located in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Email me at [email protected] or send PM
or you can send me an IM on AIM: Zube25
My computer is online most of the day so feel free to ask questions.

High Blue Book: $7,550

94GS blk/tan automatic
RM Intake
H&R Springs
Clear corners
Koni's (Less than a year old)
New refmanufactured axles (less than a yr old)
tinted windows
Alpine alarm w/ auto start/trunk release
Indiglo gauges
Goodridge SS brake lines (less than year old)
Debadged trunk lid
Acura TL Type-S Rims]
Brembo/bradi rotors (less than a year old)
EBC greenstuff pads(less than a year old)

*** I might have left a few things out.. The above listed will come w/ the car. System and Racing Hart/SSR rims are optional. I also have the Bayou Stage II chip that will be available.

Pioneer double-din headunit/CD Changer
MB Quart components front
Infinity Kappa 6x9
Alpine V12 amps for speaks/sub
Stinger Cap
Alpine V12 Sub

The system is also negotiable...If the buyer doesn't want the system, I will take everything out and leave the wiriing. Everything is ready to go for fronts, tweets, crossovers, etc... We took our time when we did the system so its done very nicely. Depending on how much I get offered, I will decide if I want to take or leave the system.

The car is in great condition and runs perfect. Fut or Graeme can vouch for me on this car. I met up w/ Graeme not too long ago so he knows.. There is not one dent on the whole car. There are minor scratches but nothing visible when waxed. The paint near the roof above the rear window needs to be sprayed w/ some clear coat because its faded a bit... An easy fix for sure. I'm going to check with the auto-body to see if its under warranty. I bought another Legend to replace my automatic. The 18x8" 3-piece Racing Hart M5's are an option. I have both the M5's and the SSR's I bought from Darren. As of right now, I will sell the car w/ the TL Type S rims. I'm still trying to decide which set I want to use since I will be getting one of the sets re-done. As I said earlier, if you are seriously interested in the car, please let me know. I haven't had time to even post in the local PhotoAd but I wanted to put it out to the members.

For the rest of the pictures, click HERE

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EnriqueC. said:
How do you plan on doing payments??? What would be considerable for you??
What did you have in mind? I don't have a preference as long as I get the full amount of money. Send me a PM and we'll talk about it.

Donut- Aztec has first dibs on the chip if the buyer doesn't want it.

I didn't get around to posting any interior/engine shots but I will this week, I promise.

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Here are some interior shots I just got done taking. Its about to rain outside so please excuse the darkness in the pictures. I resized them on here but if you'd like to see them at full size, you can see them HERE

The floormats are sitting in the garage in case anyone was wondering. I will also post exterior/engine shots so everyone can see what the car looks like with the TL Type S rims and see the faded part on the paint I was talking about. Feel free to ask for more pictures. As you can see from the pictures the only seat that has some noticeable wear is the driver's seat.

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