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My car is now back in the shop because of some IDIOT!!!

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I will post pics tomorrow night! My car was parked outside my girlfriends house, when as I'm inside watching "Fear Factor" w/ her and her family we hear a loud crash. We ran out side, and guess what we saw????

A white Ford Ranger fully collided with my parked Legend!
As we got closer, we came to find no one was in the car, it wasn't even running! Some idiot didn't apply the parking brake and it rolled from 5 houses down hitting my INNOCENT legend! AHHHH!

Well, I immediately called the Police, then my girlfriend went door to door to find out who's the truck belonged to -- we found it was one of her neighbors son-in-laws who was like 45 years old, what an idiot! Well, Police came and sure enough the car was new(didn't even have a tag yet) and the owner has NO insurance on it! Ugghhh! The truck owner got a court date for no insurance and now I'm stuck having to get it towed to Full-EFX tomorrow morning -- I have to wake up early so I can remove the front bumper so it be able to make it up on the flat bed tow truck!

Damage: Drivers side fender completely dented into(most all the new fresh paint chipped right off), my rim is sctached up and appears to be bent in(hopefully it just knocked my camber kit out of alingnment), cracked my corner lens, messed up my Z3 side marker light, cracked out my molded side skirt....urrggggg! Oh and I can't open the drivers side door due to the way the fender is bent out(luckily, the door isn't damaged so as long as I don't try to open it it won't get scratched), the front side bumper has a small sratch.....

****-- this SUCKS!

I'm still shaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry this is so long, I just need some replys to help cheer me up :)

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(less than 2 months back, some f****** idiot hit my parked Legend!!!)

These people make me so MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad:
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