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Coming back to VA! :)

I drove it up during Christmas to have my dad sell it up there, but reality is, I still love that big ol' hunk of steel.... so I'm gonna drive it back maybe late May / beginning of June, to have as my daily driver and keep my G2 6speed looking pristine. :)

To be honest guys, sometimes, I dont want to drive a 6speed. Sometimes I just wanna get somewhere w/o having to shift (it doesnt mean its bad, it just means I'm ultra lazy)...

And sometimes, I just want to drive a beat up G1 w/ a nice sound system :)

I'm not gonna mod it out, I'm going to actively try to sell it down here, but keep it as my daily driver and take all my long trips with it....

Sorry, I'm just excited, I came to this realization today!
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