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The first thing you should do is contact your local Acura dealer and ask for a list of recommended body shops. Second, you need to determine what is causing the scraping of the tire and whether the vehicle can be driven.

The worse case is that the quarter and outer wheelhouse have to be changed. The vehicle will have to undergo some frame-straightening time both in order to determine whether the unibody is out of spec (additional damage to rear frame rail/trunk floor) as well as during the repair. The adjuster will probably opt for used parts and may specify that a used OEM quarter/wheelhouse be used as well as other used OEM parts. You should specify that you want used OEM parts, not certified aftermarket parts to be used. If the damage is just to the quarter panel have a new OEM panel installed (the panel will be sectioned), even if you have to pay the difference between its cost and the cost of a so-called Certified part. I doubt that any insurance company will willingly pay for new OEM parts. Read your insurance policy. I'll be willing to bet there is a paragraph re new OEM vs aftermarket and used parts. Mine specifically states that I pay the difference. A used taillamp or bumper assy is no big deal. The bumper will have to be painted, new or used. If you just need a new cover, stay away from aftermarket.

Dependent upon the amt of damage, the vehicle's rear door and trunk lid may have to be blended and recleared. A sectioned quarter is usually installed at the belt line. A competent body shop will determine what steps will be required, and your vehicle will once again look like new. If the repair is per industry standards, the vehicle will be as safe and as roadworthy as before. You need to have a competent repair facility perform the repair.

If you want to assist in the process, start by using to locate the taillamp, bumper and other parts.
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