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Hi everybody.

'91 Legend Coupe, KLAT, Series 1 engine. I blew a coolant hose, about 10" long yesterday. Could be a pre-form hose, maybe not. Hard to tell. A little thicker and spongier than most hoses. Easy removal, but I do not know what the heck it is for, considering where it's located.

It runs by the oil filter and what I believe is the oil pump, very bottom, passenger side, just in front of the oil pan. It connects to two hard lines. The upper goes ??? and the lower hard line appears to go into the oil pan, though it could just go through the crease in the upper half of the pan, through to something closer to the firewall.

The hose definitely contains coolant and looks like it's supposed to.

WHAT IS THIS HOSE?!? Acura dealer doesn't know, various Acura OEM online sites aren't helpful. I'd prefer the right part, though it looks like I could get away with just some custom cut generic hosing.

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