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Name This Coolant Hose?? PinHole Leak -_-

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Its on the back top of the left valve cover. Cant find any hoses listed for it. :mad:
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nevermind i replaces the hose. It went from the head to the heater core valve. But i still have a leak in the middle of the engine i cant pinpoint. New waterpump so thats not it. And my bottom radiator hose is cold
If it is under your intake then it could be it is leaking from one of the o-rings on the coolant tube that runs under the intake. The tube starts from the t-stat housing....
No its like under my exhaust somewhere on the left side.. I have to put it on a lift tomorrow to find it. I also gotta replace one of my oil cooler hoses. It came in the mail today. And im not pulling my intake again,,lol. I should have replaced all the hoses but during my rebuild i was kinda cash short.... Now its steady dripping out... sigh.. Our engines are a huge pain in the a*& to work on sometimes.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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