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name this headunit

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What headunit is that in this Skyline?

I know it's a Eclipse headunit, but what model, I'm looking a headunit with a screen like that, something that doesn't flip out.
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it is the 7301. that the headunit with the 5.8" screen i think. i sw a couple of em on ebay go for 1000-1500. i'm sure if youdo aq search you'll find it.
92coupeon18s said:
you are not going to find that headunit here.
That head unit (Or at least a model of it, could have been updated since) has been available in the states since the 7001 came out. I know the 7001 is replaced with the 7002, so maybe this unit has a replacement as well, but while the screen doesn't flip out, it does flip down and away to reveal the CD and cassette loading slots.
its is most definetly the 7301, however, as far as I know, eclipse did NOT make a newer version of this currently, there may be something called a 73010 with a blue knob, but they currently dont make a replacement i htink, I think the need for a tape/cd deck with a screen is diminishing.

you can still find them occasionally on ebay.

I would loook to a flip out:

less space taken, and less obvious to thieves.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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