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Need a better Quote for 60k Maint. & Axle Replacement

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Ok, where do I begin!

I just found out both of my drive axles have to be replaced. I did a simple test by removing my front and wheels and jerking against the cv joints and I found about .5" play, whichs explains my front end vibration. Other test where performed to rule out Tires and alignments.

I got a quote from NAPA service center to replace both with new parts and it includes labor for about $500 plus tax. Not sure what parts they will use but I wanted to use axles from, about a $100 peice and try to find someone to do the labor.

I got a quote from Acura of Amherst, NY for the infamous 60k maintenance for about $750 plus tax. I know what it includes and this service interval used to be priced at $600. My GS sedan, automatic has 83K miles.

I am looking for shops that can give me a better price. I don't mind traveling an hour or so to get the job done somewhere else.

Looking for recommendations on mechanics or repair shops?


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You can take it pretty much any ASE-certified mechanic. I'm sure these one in your area.

As for the axles, do a search.

Also, for 60k service, I don't remember it being particulary involved, I'm pretty sure it's all do-able by yourself.

Replace air filter
Replace the spark plugs
Replace the fuel filter
Service the cooling system (drain, flush, fill)
Replace the brake fluid
Change transmission/transaxle fluid
Change differential lubricant

Yup... The 90k service is the killer,.
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