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hey this is only for people who have an ls with armrest cupholder. if you have one that doesnt work at all and is broken dont spend hundreds to replace it from dealer. i just took my old one out and it works perfectly. the only thing bad is that of the peice that pops out it is missing the outer frame. what i mean is when it is closed and hidden there is no black peice that conceals it, so this means you can see inside the it where the cupholder hides. no big deal and hardly affect the look.
but at least you can have a cupholder again that pops in and out effortlessly. easy to install. i just got a new unit put in and my car so i dont want to throw this one away. i was gonna auction it on ebay for real cheap but i am offering it to you all first
let me know if you need to know the install?
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