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Need advice, thinking of buying '91 LS

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Hi Everyone!!
I am a new member to the forum but have come here in the past quite a lot for information.

So I was wondering if anyone might be able to give some advice. I was looking at a 1991 LS. It has 252,000 kilometers (157,000 miles). I went and test drove it - the guy showed up with the car running and he let it idle for 10 minutes or so while showing me the body. I kept my eye on the temp gauge and looking for white smoke from the tailpipe. I did not notice anything. No white smoke, no temp gauge climbing, no smell of burning coolant. It drove really well, the temp gauge never spiked. I probably drove it 10-15 km on the highway. The heat worked. We brought it to a mechanic after this to take a look at it.

The mechanic found two things that made me walk away: 1) he said there was a small oil leak between the engine and transmission. I am assuming this is likely the rear main seal.
2) he said that 'something' had been added to the coolant reservoir, and that it may be stop leak.

There were a few other things that were less important : it needed a new CV joint, and there were a few dashboard lights on that would need to be diagnosed and fixed prior to passing a safety inspection (DRL, ABS). He said the oil looked good.

The car looks like it was pretty well maintained and the guy has a lot of service records from Acura dealership. I just am paranoid about the BHG, and the stop leak in the coolant reservoir is a huge warning sign for me, it makes me very suspicious. Add the fact that there is likely a rear main seal leak and I walked away.

Just sort of second guessing myself a bit because the car drove really well!! And the guy was willing to let me do whatever tests I wanted on the car. He was asking $1400 for it. I can still buy it. And I could probably get it for cheaper than his asking price. If I got 20,000 kilometers out of it I would be happy. But I really can't afford to buy this car if it is on the verge of dying.


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I have just under 300,000 miles on my '91L coupe. Mileage is not so much an issue
as is maintenance. From what you posted, the car sounds like a "project vehicle."
Unless you do the work yourself, the "project" might cost a couple of thousand dollars;
and, be unavailable for daily driving in the interim. If the owner gave you the car; would
you want to make the additional investment in time and money?
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