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Need better performance from my 93l type II 6speed

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I love my 93L coupe 6speed but I can't help but think that the perfomance is not where it should be. After reading hundreds of posts about race stories and overall performance of the legend( Not to mention the type 2 engine and the 6spd tranny) I think something needs some attention on mine. All I have done since I bought it is change out the sparkplugs and air filter( Acura OEM). It isn't slow by any means but I notice that sometimes it has more pep than other times. Any ideas on routine stuff I need to have done? Injectors maybe clogged? From what I hear from you guys....I am holding my car to a high standard. I know you guys have some ideas. Thanks
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Check your user manual or service manual if you have one. For recommended service intervals. Normally a tune-up would consist of.

spark plugs
air filter
fuel filter
oil and filter
fuel system cleaner (use Techron at each oil change)
PCV valve.
distributor cap and rotor ( Yours does not have this)
check belts
check tire pressure (important!)

Keep an eye out for other symptoms. Are the spark plugs clean when you take them out or are they fouled? Are you burning Oil?
These types of problems indicate engine trouble that may need further attention You can do a vacuum test and compression test to check overall engine health (pistons, rings, valves).
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