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need help...front door lights not working???

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hi guys i have a 94 4dr gs and both my front door lights are not working every other interior lights including the rear doors work fine..i tested the doors with a volt meter and there is no voltage to it socket any ideas on what it could be?
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That's very odd, the fronts and backs are on the same circuit. If they all were out it be the icu but since every thing else works that's not it. hmmm............
When my driver side door courtesy did not work, it was because I had left a
connector unconnected after removing the panel to service the actuator.
Reconnecting the light harness connector behind door panel solved my problem.

I looked in my "electrical trouble shooting guide" and found no specific mention
for door courtesy lights. You may have to follow the wires and connectors from
the light back towards the hinge area and then to the under dash fuse panel to
find (or rule out) a broken wire (i.e., test continuity.) Sounds tedious and somewhat
unlikely that both doors would have the same wire broken. Sorry I cannot offer more.
Keep bumping or repost if you rule out connectors. Someone can help.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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