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Do this:
first turn the heat to full hot(opens the heater control valve to let hot coolant flow into the heater core). Do this with the ignition on, engine not running.
1. Open bleeder at thermostat housing.
2. Pour coolant into radiator until a steady stream of coolant without bubbles comes out bleeder.
3. Close bleeder.
4. Leave rad cap off and start engine. As engine warms up top off coolant as air burps out.
5. Massage upper radiator hose to help get air out.*CAUTION COOLANT IS HOT AND WILL BURN YOU* if you squeeze the hose too hard and coolant splashes out on your arm.
6. When engine reaches normal temp it should be good to go. Install radiator cap.
7. fill coolant resivoir to proper level.
8. Drive vehicle and monitor temp. After engine cools down completely remove rad cap and top off if necessary.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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