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I would not encourage those without the proper tools (airtools, quality spring compressor, repair manual) to try this. What you listed is not even close. For the front:

1. Jack the front and remove the tire
2. Remove the two 10mm brake line screws
3. Place another jack under the entire front assembly
4. Remove the damper fork bolt and pinch bolt (the front lower assembly will drop)
5. Remove the damper fork for clearance
6. Remove the top three strut nuts from under the hood and the entire strut assembly will drop.
7. VERY DANGEROUS PART - Completely compress the spring assembly and then remove the top nut (stand clear of the top of the assembly)
8. Remove the spring and disassemble the strut
9. Adjust the strut and reassemble

Note: Theres a notch on the strut that must be aligned with the damper folk to allow the pinch bolt to properly seat. Make sure you don't reinstall the perches upside down or your Legend will look loop sided.

Here's pic for your reference
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