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Hi guys, I want to readjust my konis, and this time i want to do it myself rather than have a shop do it. I haven't taken them out before, but this is what I think is the way to do it. Correct me at any step. Thanks!

1) loosen top nuts of strut from under the hood, then jack it up and have jack stands under (oh yea, tire is taken off. hehe)

2) remove nuts on the top of the strut from under the hood

3) remove nut on the bottom where the sleeve is for the strut is

4) take the entire assembly out (but i'm not too sure how to get through the control arm. does the sleeve pivot or something?)

5) once out, put the spring compressor on

6) loosen top nut to relieve spring... and voila! :D

anything i should pay attention to? putting them back in are just the reverse steps, right? Thanks guys.
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