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Need Help with A/C.....

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Here's me dilemma.....My A/C stopped blowing cold air. Took it to the shop, they said the cap where you put the freon in was on too tight and was pressing down on the valve, thus causing the freon to leak. No charge. Three weeks later, A/C not blowing cold air again. What could it be? I want to start cheap, as I don't have the money right now to dish out a lot of money. Should I just buy a new compressor? What are my options? Again, I want to start cheap in trying to fix this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :(
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take it to a different AC shop, cause what they told you was BS. The system has a leak somewhere and it needs to be found and repaired. You need someone with the detection equipment (a special sniffer they use these days, old way was to dye test....takes too long and is not as good for small leaks). I doubt you need a compressor, just find the leak and repair...could be many things, some are fairly inexpensive (bad hose fitting), other could be mucho bucks (like a corroded condensor).
Thanks, Bigdad. Anyone else have any suggestions or fixes for my problem?........... Anyone? :(
.........also do not attempt to use the A/C until the problem is fixed. You run the risk of burning out the compressor ($$$$). There should be a fail safe switch on it to prevent the compressor from activating when there's on freion. but a little extra precautionary doesn't hurt.
Thanks! Anyone else? I am all ears! :D
To lose a full charge in 3 wks you have a leak. If the vehicle uses R-12 a leak could have ruined the compressor or pin holed the evaporator as R-12 and air makes a very corrosive compound. First order of business is to find the leak either via a recharge and dye or halide leak detector. You could also put the system under vacuum, but this would only indicate the presence of a leak (failure to hold vacuum), and not its location.
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