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need help

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man i installed a bulb interior light into my glove box yesterday and it started smokin all over my ps2 when i looked at it. i tried to take it out and all of a sudden all of my lights shut off (side markers, front wedgebulbs, guages, ac lights and all interior lights.) what should i do? what should i try to fix. i looked at my fuses but i didn't know which one to look at becuase i didn't know what it would be under. but the ones i checked it was fine. hit me back up please. thanks
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A simple "burned out fuse", I hope.
Look in the kick panel on the driver side. Open this and look for a 10A red fuse, called "Interior lights". It should be a 10A fuse!!!
The location plan is of the inner cover of the kick panel.

Caution: If you have replaced this fuse and the fuse will be burned out again, then you´ll have a circuit ground problem in your wirings !!!
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