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Need input having braking problem and no clue

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So a few days ago my ABS light on my Acura Legend 1994 coupe came on then my brake pedal became mush and was not holding pressure.

So I decided to make a appointment with the shop to have it looked at, Well the next morning on my way to the shop I double checked my fluids and went ahead and added some DOT 3 to the abs system for the hell of it,

On the way to the shop NO ABS light and no mush soft brake pedal everything normal, well told the guy at the shop he was pretty confident it was the master brake cylinder, Well after hooking it up to the computer and having the repair team look at my car they found NO problems, No charge no parts replaced.

On my way home I drove around and went to a few places no problems, Everything seem good then the mush pedal came back but NO ABS light,

I recently had a guy change out my back brakes and I had NO issues with the car for over a month and now this, Not sure if this has anything to do with it

It seems that there is something wrong, I am confused and really don't know what to do another shop could not locate the problems also as it seems to come and go,
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You might have a leak somewhere in your brake system. If no leak is found then the Master cylinder is on it's way out... Take it to a reputable shop that knows what they are doing. It will save you $$$ in the long run...
Took it in again today and had another shop looked at it, They couldn't find anything wrong. I am about to take it to the dealer I think at this point since I know there's a problem and no one else can figure it out,

The car drove fine with NO problems today, It's like it has a mind of it's own :(

There are no leaks that I can find.
Your brake booster could be starting to go or the vacuum line to it, take a good look at the vacuum line.
Brakes 100% FAILED TODAY

Not really to good with cars , Any idea how much a shop will charge to fix these problems that could be ?

Today on my way from home my brakes completely failed me I had to hit the hand brake and quickly move to park, Hope my tranny is ok I am sure it didn't like that too well.

Thanks Bigboy for the info and this is no joking matter I treasure my Acura legend :bowdown:.

I am really pissed at my local shops for telling me there's nothing wrong with my ride this simply proves it. They hooked it up to there stupid computers and swear up and down they can't find a problem with it. :wtf:

If the dealer wasn't so far away I would take it to them,

All my fluids are full and I can not find any leaks at all, After the car has been driven for about 20 minutes The pedal goes from hard to soft and then slowly to the floor and once it can go anymore the car starts to roll. I am by NO MEANS a mechanic or have too much car knowledge other then small stuff. My friend out of state swears up and down it has to be the master cylinder.

I am going to try a different shop on Monday and see. I got to figure it out before the Fourth of July weekend since I have to go out of town then.
If it's not losing fluid, I think the booster is the issue. I'd do the pressure test to find out for sure. The computers don't work on our car they are pre OBD II so if the told you they put it on a diagnostic machine they lied!

The legend has on board diagnostics:
G2: DIY: Diagnosis: Pulling Codes - LegendWiki

G2: FAQ: Error Codes And Definitions - LegendWiki
Took it back to my local shop,

They finally experienced the issue and gave me a quote of $333.00 for the master cylinder replacement and system bleed, this includes warranty and a brand NEW master cylinder not a rebuilt. Then the shop worker said he can't guarantee that's this is the issue and that after he replaces the master cylinder that he has to go back over it again and there may be other issues,

I am little frustrated I really don't see why they can't find the problem and be sure it's the problem. Hopefully they don't try and hit me with more because at this point I am flat broke and have NO more money.
When it comes to master cylinders I'd buy the part my self and just have them install it. (make sure the MC says "Nissin" on the side.) I had nothing but issue's with the after market shit.

I had your same issue and after replacing the MC I had brakes.
This problem happened to my 94 L Sedan at about 215,000mi, and to my dads 95 Coupe LS around 125,000mi, low pedal that would stop the car, but car would start rolling a few seconds after. I could pump em again and theyd hold for a few secs...
Master Cylinder replaced on both cars, problem solved :)
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