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need new alarm

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I have this stock alarm on my car called "M.A.T."...hey it came with the car....anywho, I want to get a new alarm.

I remember those Alpine alarms with the cool remotes...

I wanted to stay away from Cliffords...dunno know why but we don't get along....

Any suggestions, tricks, tips...would be most appreciated

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I was just at a local alarm shop yesterday. Here's the criteria that I decided on.

Step one should always be to get a Chapmin (or Chapman) hood lock.

But here are the pecs for the alarm itself.
1) Has to have a separate battery
2) You don't want any vital wires run under the hood.
3) Has to have a kill switch.
4) Has to have a pager that alerts you when the alarm is triggers.
5) has to be kinetic sensitive.Thieves tap on windows to see how sensitive your alarm is.

I hope this stuff helps. I'm getting alarms installed for my 92L and my brother's 93L for $750 here in Boston. I hope this helps.
great info...thanks a million!! =)


I was told that DEI bought Clifford and they are coming out with some real dope alarms in the next 6 months or so. Some of the features they have are just incredible. I have a Clifford on my Legend and I love it - works awesome and beevr had a single problem.

With DEI being one of the biggest, if not the biggest, alarm manufacturer I'd give it another look. BUt that's just me - peace
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