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Need some he on 20023.5 RL

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Need some help on 2002 3.5 RL


Need some help / have some questions about my daughters 2002 3.5 RL

I have determined that the car does have HID headlights, can the lenses be sourced new either oem or aftermarket and the OEM HID guts swapped over or?? What are my options and where do I buy?

How do I determine if it also has HID fog lights? If it does, same question, can the housings be bought new OEM or aftermarket and the guts swapped out? What are my options? and where do I buy?

How do I determine if her cars has both drivers side and passenger side heated mirrors? Where is the on/off switch for the mirrors located?

My daughters car has the onboard navigation system, where do I go, and how do I update her to the latest maps?

Also, how do I determine if my daughters 2002 3.5 RL is a premium?

We live in Ohio, so I want to make sure she has heated mirrors if the ones on the car are not. What do I look for?

Thanks everybody!

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