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Hi all,

Does any1 know how to get the master window switch off da arm rest? Are there any screws holding it or does it just snaps on? Any info would be great.


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Either look at:

Koji_H's LegendTuner ( has some instructions to remove the door panels. I think it's under the repair sections, check it out.

Or try this:
1st: Remove the screws of the door panel (chrome handle, behind the plastic cover and 1 screw under the color clip (armrest)
Then pull out slightly the complete door panel (start at first from the left side to the right side (upper and lower, step by step), cuz, this panel have some plastic clips (12 - 15 pieces, I believe), which holds the complete panel.

2nd. Pop out the bottom portion of the door panel first, and then push the top half(black lining) up and then pull towards to you.

3th. At the next, you´ll see a cable (which opens your door).Be careful not to break the plastic that hold the pivot arm that manipulates the cable to open the door. Keep the door panel as close to the door as possible until you or a friend can free the cable from the hole.

4th.Don´t yank too far yet cause there are a bunch of wires that are still connected from the door to the door panel.

5th.Then just disconnect the wires or do whatever you need to do.

6th. You´ll see an metal frame, which holds the complete switch. Uncrew it (4 screws = means 2 upper, 2 lower). Just take out all of the screws. The whole thing should come out together.

That´s all !

Mike / Cologne
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