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Need to buy some shocks/struts

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I believe it is Struts i need for the front. What kind should i get also, where can i get it? Good one.
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If you have no intention of lowering your Legend AND want to stick with stock ride quality...

Buy OE (from acura of augusta), Koni, Gabriel, Monroe (no specific order) all which have applications for both fronts and rears for the Legend.

I happen to have 2 sets of Monroe rears.


PS. If you will be compressing the springs yourself... make sure you get a good one cause if that billy breakes free from compression assembly you had better pray you are no where close!
There is also SACHs shocks from for $75 a piece. Well known euro brand. They sell koni's for $125 (free shipping)
What is your car doing why you say you need new shocks? When you hit a bump is your tire hitting the wheel well?
Lets hope that ride quality has been reduced (over time) Its not like our Legends are spring chickens. Or that fluid may have escaped the strut?

Inquiring minds want to know.

I would say go with Konis no matter what. The shock is just so great and I'm impressed with them every time I take a turn going double what the advisory signs say (or more) ;).
my ride is not as smooth as it once was. so i am assuming my struts not doing what it was capable once before.

Any how, lately my car has been making some clicking like thud. not much. sounds like something is hitting the chassis. something loose? it occurs when i am in a parking lot. stopping and going. i hear a strange noise from the front of the car. Tomorrow i'm going to bring it to my mechanics shop and have him take a look. Scares the hell out of me anytime i hear something odd from my car. had a very bad experience one time procrastinating on fixing the problem.
Thud, eh. Hmmm.

Perhaps another bad rear trans mount!?

in need of new shocks and struts

i have oem shocks and struts. about a month ago, i had a full load in my coupe, and for the first time i noticed that when i took a turn my rear tires would rub. i was like ***. after we got to our destination, i was the first one out, and noticed that the wheels sat real low. look like a 2inch drop. to make a long story short, i need a some new shocks and struts. right now, the left rear sits about a half inch lower then the other side. where is the best and cheapest place to get koni's and eibach pro kit. can someone recommend some other set up. thanks.....
Email [email protected]

He's the person that we all order our suspension stuff from, I used him too and he's a great guy and delivers fast.
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