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Need to know how to remove door panel ..

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I want to replace the front speakers so I need to know the best way to remove the door panels.

maybe some sort of faq or pictures that I could use?

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theres a really easy way i figured out so you dont have to take the whole door panel off... you need a very short phillips head. just unscrew the screw in the carpet in the crack of the door, then pry up along the panel across the bottom of the door so the plastic plugs come out. you'll then be able to pull the bottom out some, get under the covers with a short phillips head and remove the screws.

when i did this i had to cut the speaker wires and extend them about 5 inches, also i took the plastic speaker mounts and cut the back off them so i could fit some 280 pioneers
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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