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Need to Replace Rear Shock Lower Bushing

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The shock is fine but the lower bushing (where it connects to the knuckle) of the left rear shock is cracked (from age I suppose). I bought a replacement bushing, but it is encased in a metal cylinder and looks as thought I will need to have the old bshing pressed out and this new one pressed in. Would someone please confirm/deny this and if so, is there a work-around to accomplish it without taking the strut off the car? I do not have a professional 6-ton press handy in my garage... :confused:
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The rear shocks are held in place by just 3 bolts under the rear speakers, they are very easy to replace so I would recommend removing and the pressing old out and new in. You may be able to do it using a big hammer/small sledge but may risk damaging the shock in the process.

P.S. if the bushing is bad, I'm guessing the shock itself must be getting old too.
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