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I have sold my 17" Tantrums and now time to upgrade to 18's. Problem is, the rims I want are 18x8 and I dunno of anyone else who makes rims like these. I'm going to assume 18x8 are too big even with 35 series tires? Anyone know? I need to call about the offset since it doesn't say on the website.

Anyways, here is the pic of the rims. If anyone else knows who else makes rims like these, let me know. I'd like to get gunmetal if possible.

Any information would be appreciated. I tried searching on the forum search feature about 18's and it gave me some BS about not a valid search.


Well there are a couple of companies that make thoes rims.
Axis Muse
ADR Kasi

I've see the ADR's in 18X7.5... Do a serch on yahoo.

The speedy wheels are prob. going to be hard to get.
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