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Need your opinion on price

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I needed your opinion on the sale of my 1992 Acura Legend L, 4dr, 5spd, exterior white, interior tan cloth, new tires, 94,000 original. Car has never been in an accident and i am the second owner. Car runs excellent and has a very clean interior. Original exterior paint has lost its luster, so I'm also wondering if i should paint the car or have it buffed? can you guys give me your honest opinion on this cars value? I'm thinking of selling it....
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As mentioned pics are needed, trying to salvage the paint before respraying is your best bet. If you were to get it repainted you'd be lucky to break even. (If a high quality job is done.)
well since the cash for clunker little deal theres not many used cars so you should do well depends on the pics but 2-3000 range.
thanks for the responses, i will try to post some pics. but 2-3000 is about what i expected.
thanks for the responses, i will try to post some pics. but 2-3000 is about what i expected.
Good range considering it sounds like the clear coat is burning off the car.
Depending on pics but with only 94k and 5 speed plus current used car pricing, I'd say more in the 3-3.5k range.
blue metallic is nice picked color. Please post bright picture so we can see the clear photo
as a "rule" it's just not a good idea to put a lot of money into a car your going to sell. however you have a very nice car with relatively low mileage. clean it real well and Good luck ... one more thing, i would not sell one of these cars to a parent looking for a first car for their kid. they have too much HP versus their capability of handling the road.
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