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Negative Camber

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I just had a front end aliignment performed on my 89 Acura legend coupe. Caster was good, toe in got adjusted and legend runs true, straight and wonderful. But as we all know there are no after market camber adjustments kits for the G1s (least none that I know of) My camber was at 1.4 degrees negative camber. has anyone else had this problem, any fixes? or do we just live with it and make sure we rotate the tires (front to rear) for maximum tire life? Like I said, legend runs great as is. So guess that is the way it will stay.
Incidently the car is stock, no lowering or different spring rates have been installed.
Any thoughts on this?
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If you wanna try getting it back to 0, you can always have the alignment shop bend the spindels to get it back to 0.
Out of spec camber means something is worn out. Take the time to determine what is worn and R&R the worn out parts.

I wouldn't even consider bending back into spec a POS Ford Twin I-Beam suspension.
Lets see... Bend solid steel spindles?... not sure if that is the route I want to take. might cause them to develop a crack, a crack that I don't need at high speeds. Ill live with it, only .4 degrees away from the max allowed. but thanx just the same.
diagnosing the suspension could be a time consuming and expensive
jd's1990coupe said:
diagnosing the suspension could be a time consuming and expensive
Not if one understands how a double-wishbone (or any type of suspension) is supposed to work.

Expensive? The question is, do you want it fixed the right way or just band-aided?
there ya bandaids here :)
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