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"New" 92 Acura Legend!

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Hey everyone,

I just bought myself a Legend. I've never owned a Honda so I'm pretty new with how the cars work. I'm new to cars in general but have some skills repairing cars. I bought the car for 500 bucks and body and interior seems great for the price, I'll show some pictures tomorrow. The only reason why it's 500 bucks is, the guy said engine was replaced, also head gasket failure and inner tie rods. Engine seems to run fine, no overheating, also I don't think the head gasket failed, no power loss. Engine performance wise, great. Has about 168k miles, he said the engine has about 110k miles on it.

The bad:

The front suspension is probably to hell. Car sways to the left, steering wheel is misaligned, also it vibrates at low speeds, high speeds not so much. I believe its the inner tie rods like he said, he even gave me a pair of new ones with the car. Any other suggestions before I take it all apart and find out it was not, or not only the inner tie rods?

Besides this, break light is on (the one on the bottom of the dashboard) and ABS light is on. I assume this is all because of the suspension being messed up but will have to see it in detail tomorrow.

CEL is on, probably will check right now what's wrong with it. I'll have to search how to get it to blink. I remember you have to connect two wires in the OBD1 connector but this was on a toyota not sure about this one.

Oh one last thing, the bosch audio system is asking for a code.
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You can find a lot of answers in the wiki: LegendWiki including how to pull the CEL codes as well as the ABS codes. The brake light usually is just that you are low on brake fluid... ABS you need to pull the code to know what is up with it. The radio code if original may be in the glove box or written in the original users manual. If not then you can get it from the dealer but you need the serial number from the bottom of the radio...
I pulled the codes, however burnt one of the fuses... I thought it was one of the blue connectors driver's side, so blew fuse of both dashboard lights lol... Need to find the diagram somewhere. Also not sure about how the codes cycle but I get one long, 2 short so that means the code is 2? Also ABS is acting weird on me, it's as if its using the ABS whenever I break not just when it's locking. Then eventually ABS turns off completely and ABS light go on, tried fetching the code for that one but it doesn't blink.
1 long 2 short would be 12, EGR problem.
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