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New A/C Compressor Brands-opinions requested

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Hi Acura Guru's,
Time to re-do my 1991 Acura 4 door sedan A/c system--the compressor has a Freon leak.
Have found over the years that rebuilt compressors just don't work for very long.
I always buy new.
A knowledgeable Acura parts guy has recommended Denso, which i can get at Rock Auto at a good price.

I also am a believer in replacing all the major components when having to replace the compressor assembly (w/ clutch) to avoid the problems that arise when NOT doing so--condenser, receiver/dryer, control valve, seal kit.

Rock Auto offers a kit with all the required parts:

the compressor that comes with the kit from Rock Auto is a UAC.

You folks have any words of wisdom on the UAC brand for quality and durability- either positive or negative from experience with this brand?

Any INFO on this would be sincerely appreciated!

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UAC is probably a us manufacturer of air conditioning components. Unfortunately, I can't say anything about the manufacturer because I haven't needed any new parts myself.

But why did the previous compressors break? Was it the wrong oil with the wrong refrigerant?

All my many previous compressors on my 91 Acura Legend (i always bought OEM Acura compressors - after several failed attempts and buying rebuilt and garbage new ones), as they seemed to be the most reliable and long lived) eventually failed because of leaks.
I don't have any confidence in the ability of the local mechanics i have access to for them to rebuild the compressors, nor do they want to.
Acura no longer provides new A/C compressors for the 91 Legends, but from other sources i have found that Denso is a good brand and so i bought a new one of those.
On another note: What is a 'Honda" Legend Coupe ?? as displayed at the end of your reply. Thought only Acura built the Legends- of course they are part of Honda, but....

Thanks for your input.

😀 as I did not know about Acura, you don't know about the european market.

Honda never sells cars with the brand Acura in europe. They did it in the name of Honda. So we get Honda Legends (KA8).

Back to your climate Problems. I'm surprised that the compressor breaks down due to too little refrigerant, because the pressure switch is supposed to prevent the system from running.

Maby your pressure switch does not work properly. You can check that. It has to be closed, when the engine is off.

oh, now i see! thanks
thanks for the switch info.

As I see in the Service Manual the Pins of the pressure switch with cable colors blue/Red to light blue has to be closed.
I meassured at my car and I can confirm that.
After installation of the Denso Compressor and the complete install kit, a leaking 'condenser pipe' was found SKU: 80331-SP0-023 (assembly #11) in the IPB below:

Couldn't find any aftermarket replacements, and looks like all OEM parts are long gone.
Other than the junk yard anyone have suggestions on a replacement solution??

Thanks for any suggestions that might be offered.

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