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New Cap Install

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hey guys i just installed a cap and my battery seems to be a lil lower than usuall but it still starts, and plus now my light wont dim or nothing, before my deck lights would completly shut off almost, but caps are suposed to stop drawing a charge once the voltage is a steady 12.6 corret, well if anyone has anthing that could corrrect my wonders, i would greatly appreciate it
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a lot of caps need to be charged with a diode before installation. Did you do this? Did it say anything about it in the manual?

What you should really do is, return the cap if possible, and buy an SVR or Optima battery and use a second battery. The SVR is fairly small and works great.

In my opinion, caps are worthless.
For redundancy's sake,

Cant you install a cap right near the amp for QUICK draw and a battery after the cap, for sustained draw? My issue is that I have a cap already in my G1 that I will take out and install in my G2 and I'm going to be getting a battery as well, just for redundancy's sake. Is it overkill or am I just being dumb
i have an optima yellow top in the trunk and 3 chrome caps. the caps in my opinion are only good for looks. (chrome w/blue led's)
i see no use for them. if i wasn't stupid enough to buy these first, i would have just used the yellow top and save myself 600 bux.
well the cap helps alot, in my sake its worth it all the way, but whats this charging with a diode first?
if anyone has info please tell me thanks
you need to charge the cap first like charging a dead battery. people usually use a diode, resistor, or a light bulb wired in series with either the power wire or ground.
well my alternator charged it and its up to 12.6 once my cars off but once its running its at 14.4 witch is what its suposed to be at.
oh do u think i need to hook it up to like a battery charger?thanks
if you got a reading of 14.4 you should be fine. some don't charge the caps. i think it's a precautionary(spell check?) method.

how old is the battery? maybe i'ts just time to change the battery.
nope brand new battery, and alternator. oh well ill see what happens threw out the week. but what is a diode?
if it's a new battery, and you have a steady reading of 12.6, then how do you know the battery is running low?
as for the diode, i think it's this thing that's made up of a resistor.
i dk its diein i just feel the car not turing over with as much struggle, its hard to explain.
thanks for ur help guys.
Selling a used 1 farad cap isnt gonna bring in that much money in my eyes.

I'mma install it and see what happens.
What the hey. :)
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