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New guy here!

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Hi, I just picked up a extremely well taken care of 91 ls 4-door with only 65k on it. It is by far the best car I have ever owned. I grew tired of trying to cram my fat ass into civics that even when heavly moded still arn't as fast as my (almost)new Legend. But I have hit a wall as far as finding performance parts for my new baby. Please help,for those of you that have been Legend owners for a wile and have more experence than me please give me a top ten list of worthly mods and parts to do them and where to get them i.e maker and website,phone numbers.... tell me what I should do first to last to make my already fast car faster....
Thanks Phil :)
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1. Type II intake manifold swap 7hp (at peak, 20hp past peak)
2. SMSP y-pipe 10hp (see thread in this section)
3. Bayou chipped ecu 7hp

Search is your friend. Lots of info here on these mods and other topics. Spend some time looking around, there is a ton of great info here.
performance is limited but is slowly picking up on and off, just keep your eyes out, someone always has parts being made for our cars.
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