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New here, buying a Legend this weekend

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Hello Legend crew,

Just registered on these forums, my name is Blake and i'm looking forward to posting and browsing regularly on here. I stumbled across a nice '93 Black Type II Coupe 6 speed in my area which I am purchasing in a couple days. Car has 175K on it. New clutch, timing belt/water pump done when the car had 125K on it.

In my initial once over on the car, it seems to be pretty much flawless mechanically. Engine sounds great, tranny shifts great, and the body is straight with the exception of a dent at the rear. I know that these cars commonly have head gasket issues so this is the first thing I need to make sure is sorted. Since this car had a lot of maintenance done to it at 125K, does this typically include the head gasket? The previous owner before the current seller had the work done so I will try to contact them as well. I would be the 3rd owner.

Next concern of mine is that the car has a extremely ugly aftermarket front bumper and sideskirts on it. I plan on returning it back to it's original stock condition. I can source a front bumper easily it seems, but I am worried about the sideskirts. I am unsure if these aftermarket ones slip over the stocks or if they were replaced. Can anyone shed some insight on this?

Purchasing this car to be my daily driver. I have a 2007 Cobalt SS which will become the weekend toy/warrior. It has a lot of work done to it and i'm about to convert it to e85 fuel, which will be a pain to daily drive. It's also slammed on coilovers so it rides really rough.

All in all i'm excited to get the Legend. Always loved the looks of them, and I used to own an 03 TL which was a nice car.

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most side skirts dont slip over the side skirts. and looking forward to see this.
did you buy the Legend? (it's in your car list)

how did it go?
Sorry for the late reply. Picked up a 94 LS 6 speed last weekend. The original car I was looking at got sold out from under me. It needs body work and a new interior, but seems to run nice.
Not bad and glad to hear. Now the 6 speeds are super rare.
One of the pieces I need to complete the restoration on the car is the rear window seal. How hard are these to find? Previous owner had to replace the back glass and destroyed the stock trim.
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