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New here!

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Hiya! I'm new here and want to introduce myself. I'm a woman, 49 years old and I live in Holland. I've always been a fan of the American cars. I've owned Chevrolet Beretta's. Now, accidently, I came across a Acura Legend. Never heard of it before!! It's offcaurse an imported car cause in Holland we don't have Acura. He is build in 1987 and imported in 1990. He is from the first generation Legends. It's an 2.7 V6 automatic. I took it for a testdrive and wow....what a car!!!!!! Technical it's a great car, everything still works!! His body needs some attention because his formal owner didn't care so to speak. Well...I'm a fan off this car now and I want to know everything there is to know about this great car!!:thumbsup:

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Welcome to the site. You should post some pics of your beauty! Let us know if you have any questions.
Welcome and there lots of stuff to learn about the car but the Honda legends were way better the the American ones.
welcome to the forum lots of info on your car here
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