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New Legend owner-EXCITED Legend owner!

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Well sadly, after my 92 Integra was stolen and wrecked I was out of a car. After looking for a few months, I finally found it, from a private seller-a 1991 GOLD Acura Legend LS Sedan. Being a teg owner, I thought I knew what to expect in the ride, but WOW-this car completely blows me away. I think I might actually LOVE this car-the ride is amazing and the ENTIRE thing is in amazing condition-it even smells like new leather on the inside-I'm so hyped!

I'm glad I found this forum too, because there are a few things I'd like to know.....

1) Is there anyway to reset the security code on the Bose deck-the previous owner had an aftermarket deck, and didn't give me the code, because well he didn't know it =(

2) I want to look into getting cleared tailights for this baby-transparent lights with red bulbs, I know they make them for tons of other cars, where canb I get some for my Legend?

Thanks to anyone who responds-and I can't wait to get some pics of my new love! =)
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First up welcome to the board. And congrats on your purchase. But post it in the second generation section of the forum:D
Well if you were a 'teg owner there are few things that you should know about Legends:

1. They are classy luxury cars
2. Aftermarket support SUCKS, with the exception of the HARD WORKERS on this forum. Things that were not possbile before have been done by many hard working people (Leon, Infinite, DV8, etc etc)
3. Again, aftermarket/customization sucks. For an Integra you can get ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you might want... For a Legend, its mostly going to be custom made... (Clear or aftermarket tails are not available currently, but hopefully S/R Motorsports is working on it!)

As far as your radio code I believe that there is a serial number on the under side of your stock Bose stereo. If you call your local dealer and read them your serial number they should be able to give you the code. Its very easy to get at, just take off the shifter plate (if its an auto), take out the 2 screws in the small felt penny tray (under stereo), then "pop" the whole shifter-radio-console area trim off. Watch out for the cig lighter plug, you have to unplug it to remove the large trim piece. From there you can see the screws that hold your stereo in.
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