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new Legend owner :) .... happy is all i can say

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i bought my 94 sherwood green legend 2 weeks ago and i just got in on the road today....i must say is a joy to ride..... sound system .... i just gotta do the necessary upgrades,tuneup, alarm etc. But i have been following the forums for a while and i like what i see.....with all that being said.....

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Gride_Cruiser said:
Hello! Welcome.

Coupe or Sedan?
got the sedan with tan leather.... the guy who had it before me kept it in almost mint condition.... excellent buy though .... 5k for it ... 99k miles
Wow, great deal! Welcome. Do you have any pics?
yea im going to get some up the digicam and everything ready for that

where the pics?
Welcome to the forum .. Congrats on the new Legend!
Welcome, and please,

PLEASE... take care of the Legend like it is your own child.

It is worth it so just baby that and buy it everything it needs.. that means HONDA and bleed the coolant properly.. dont learn the hard way.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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