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New Legend owner here, lookin for guidance and/or tips for the first time owner.

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Good evening everyone!
Thank you for having a look, I appreciate any advice you can share with me here.

So I'm a proud new owner of a 1988 Acura Legend 4DR Automatic Sedan, The car itself was given to me by my uncle who needed to get rid of it since he was moving and couldn't take it with him, so instead of donating it I offered to buy it off him and instead he just gave it to me!
Sounds nice and all BUT the car has seen better days... hence the reason he was going to donate it.
Currently the transmission has a little trouble shifting between 1st and 2nd and won't shift to 3rd... The odometer is busted(Stuck at 136,000 with a total of around 150,000 to this day) And the tail/brake lights aren't working at the moment either.
Of course he told me about these things before hand and told me it would take time and money to restore it(which he didn't really have).
With that in mind, I've heard nothing but amazing things about Legends and thought this might be a good time to dapple in learning how to work on a car lol

I really want to get this car into tip top shape but I'm a little clueless as what to do/where to start... I do have a few friends who work in shops but as of late they've been crazy busy and haven't had time to check her out... so any advice/help you can share will be greatly appreciated as I'm really excited to get my Legend back in shape!

Thanks for reading this essay!
Hope you have a great day/night!!!
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Welcome to the forum bud

I know little about first gen legends, but I can give you a little advice for your repairs:

1. the transmission issue will likely be the most expensive and/or time consuming job, however from what you described it will also be an essential. Transmission work is often a task that's out of the hands of your average joe, so I personally would suggest to try and start getting repair quotes, I wouldn't be shocked to hear over 1000 though.

2. fixing an odometer shouldn't be overly hard or expensive (if you care to fix it) but you should be comfortable pulling stuff apart and remembering how it goes back together. More than likely you will have to hunt down a replacement gear

3. Taillights shouldn't be expensive, but might turn into a bit of a pain i the butt. We have service manuals available to read online in the various parts of the forum for our cars and I'm sure theres a dozen people who have fixed every issue you're describing and will be glad to give more details advice and instructions. Tail light repair will be something like this:

-check fuses
-check bulbs
-check connectors
-test for power using voltmeter in various areas

Since you're new to cars I'll tell you this: Most repairs for cars is easy despite what you hear. As long as you have proper guidance from others or instructions (pictures help!) or knowledge of what you're doing 99% of the jobs are easy. The "hard" stuff is normally just getting to whatever piece you need to replace as many parts are blocked off by other parts, so you have to remove other stuff to get to it.

However, lots of repairs are frustrating, tedious, and time consuming. Patience will be your best friend

With that said welcome and good luck bro, legends are indeed good cars, mine has impressed me well over the years
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My advise would be buy this book ^_^

~~~ Acura Haynes Repair Manual (Integra Legend) - Haynes HAY-12021

It has helped me greatly

Also book mark this site :giggle:
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