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I too have just recently purchased a legend and would like to restore it back to looking like it just came off the showroom floor. The main problem I think your going to run into is the acura dealers (at least in my area) don't have any of the
"accessories" for your legend b/c they just don't make them anymore. They are only going to have mechanically parts and body parts.
For example my interior is a Type C (blue) and as I fount out after purchasing the car that was one of the most rare interior colors, lucky me huh :rolleyes:. I can't find any freaking parts for it on ebay. It's is extremely good shape for a 91 but there are some parts I would like to fix. I can't find any floor matts b/c they don't make them anymore and no one has any sell, that is driving me crazy.
I just bought a sunroof visor off ebay that was "in good condition". To be frank it looks like sh!t. There is no way i am putting that on my legend.
To be honest I am getting a little frustrated. I broke a door handle installing my stereo, guess what I can't find a new one to buy. Little things like that are starting to get too me.
I like the car and also like you, people can't believe it's a 91 but my frustration is starting to get the best of me. But i keep remembering i only paid $4850 and it's only got 102,000 miles on it so I got a great deal, at least I hope I did assuming I didn't buy a lemon. Checked out okay on carfax but that doesn't mean everything.
Hope I am not "letting the wind out of your sails" but just giving you a heads up on what the road looks like in front of you. Good luck and happy restoring.

Now I will take a stab at 2B.
There are members on here that have painted the trim pieces. My car is white and the ones on here look a lot better after they have been painted, I am just curious of the long term effect if the paint is not pealing off now. I am considering purchasing new black ones that are not faded.
7B - stereo
I have my car in a million pieces right now installing my stereo system. I just purcahsed a used Eclipse AVN2454 double din nav piece. It just arrived tonight. Looks like I am going to need a double din install kit or try to make something out of plastic because it's just a tad smaller than the factory radio and there are gaps in there which do not look good.
I want to buy headrest monitors that already have the monitors mounted in them but guess what, they only come in Tan, black & grey :rolleyes:. However, I did talk to one stereo shop that mentioned they could be died to match my interior so there is a positive.
Also you should be able to buy new clear bumber lights and corner lights (although I like the JDM 1 piece headlight, looks really sweet), check ebay.

Jeez, my thread was almost as long as yours :giggle: J/K welcome to the board from a fellow newbie myself.
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