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first off i am not the one that said it..i merely quoted it...

swift put it best..
..If one finds this forum less useful, it's not the forum's fault. You're simply high enough up the learning curve that you're now a contributor rather than a taker. Me, I'm taking a lot from here..
hope this helps a little


If i redid mine...(we have some things in common) this is what i hope to achieve.

Repaint OEM with metallic flake added, lower on JIC, run with GS style chrome 17" rims, remus, JDMs, keep original body or use the Sarona bodykit, redo leather interior two tone, 5spd with spec stage 2, and the engine...well that is for me to know. ;)

So if you want some member to get ideas from..., acc-unit, ack-crawler, 4cruzin, 91lsman, khoerling, and others......good luck my man! And remember this aint no integra. :2cool:
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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