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Well I'm not reading 1/8th of what I could on this thread but what I did read the only thing I could help you with is the lighting. I ordered clear bumper lights off ebay for 12 bux, and they work perfect. I say instead of getting new clear corners get 1 piece JDM headlights and leave stock, they look soo much better than the 2 pieces. The tail lights should be painted all red except the reverse white of course, you can find a DIY on all of these by using the .02

Edit: It's easier than you think to get in the 14's . I have the same car as you to spec. I've got an intake and did coolant by-pass and got a 15.1 with a 2.3 60ft. With slicks its 14's easy. Oh, welcome to the forums.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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