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morbo said:
Listen to stevie most of the time! He strikes again with the right answer here. Go with a type ii engine swap for probably a little less than the BHG job. Type II motors add 60hp, and the JDM's appear to have a better HG life than our USDM.

Here's one on ebay: HELLUVa price actually. I almost paid $900 for mine before I decided to part her out....

If you need any other parts, as mentioned, I'm parting my Legend out. PM or e-mail me if you need anything I have almost a full car still available.

Welcome to the forum man!
Type II motors add 60hp ? :eek2: :confused:

Not trying to be an ASS,morbo.But i thought type II only adds 30hp.can a good and experienced mr.knowhow confirm this ?
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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