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New Member....and needing help

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Hi to everyone. I recently purchased a 88 Legend sedan w/ 5 speed. I'e owned 2 other legends years back....never had problems. My new legend has me baffled. In the past 2 weeks, Ive pulled codes 6 and 14. I fixed code 6 and I'm chasing code 14. After installing a new Fast Idle valve, which Im still not sure is correct p/n since no one makes them, the erratic fast idle has dissappeared. But, I'm unable to resolve code 14 issue with IAC. I installed a new IAC, bled the cooling system, adjusted idle screw (per chilton manual) and it still pops up after driving 10 minutes. the 14 code pops up after I let off the throttle and idle while driving on the highway. I've pulled the TB off and cleaned it along with the various ports. I'm at a loss. Any ideas on how to resolve the issue?
Vacuum leaks, intake leaks?
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Welcome the forums, some people use starter fluid to detect vacuum leaks. I prefer to use propane. (Make sure if you use starter fluid that the engine is cold.) If the motor revs higher you found your leak.
I have had several issues in the past with Hondas more than anything a hard to find idle has sometimes lead to a cooling/heating issue. I have found that a clogged ports in the throttle body where coolant passes and other coolant lines and hoses can cause this rough idle. I had an issue in the past where I had a very tiny coolant leak that was hardly noticeable and I got an idling issue, my needle eventually crept it's way up from a normal point, corrected it and idle went back to normal.

As far as a vacuum leak goes, like BIGBOY said, starting fluid only when it's cold. I don't like using it personally. Brake parts cleaner works too, with the propane you could get one of those BernzOmatic tanks that you can find at your local hardware store with the valve on it opened wide and run through all your vaccum hoses, manifold etc. Or depending on your budget, you could get your car smoked, either at a shop or if you know someone with a smoke machine. (they are EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE)

hope this helps!
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