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I bought me a 93 Coupe with 215K miles knowing what I might have gotten myself into with the coolant issues (BHG).:giggle: I have been looking on this forum for any info on using the new head gasket repair products that are out now and cant find it. Has there been any success stories? If so what product did you use.
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Welcome to the community, don't waste your money, there's no miracle cure for bhg besides getting them done.
Welcome but as stated above get it fixed b4 it becomes more of a problem like warpped heads!
I knew that would be the answer, so I guess I will pulling the heads. I am open to any imput on the exhaust manifold removal, can I leave it attached to the pipe or does it have to come off attached to the head like I did last time? That was a PITA.
Save that hard earned cash and track down an other one.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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