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New member from Montana w/ '91 KA7

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Hello everyone! I just moved to Missoula, Montana from Wasilla, Alaska last week. Before moving I had a '93 Honda Accord that I was really sad to sell.
I am no longer sad as today I purchased a '91 4 door Legend. :)
Always wanted one of these cars. Got it for $800.

Insert images here:
acura-legend. com/gallery/images/44361/medium/1_WP_20150412_14_13_05_Pro.jpg
acura-legend. com/gallery/images/44361/medium/1_WP_20150412_14_13_23_Pro.jpg
Cant insert images until 15 posts?

193,000 miles.
Black leather interior (rough shape)
Auto trans (boring, but it's going to be a DD so whatever)

Has a small crack in the radiator, hasnt been there long. No obvious signs of blown head gasket so I suspect it is only just now going bad.
Lurked around the forum for a week or two before I got to go see/get the car so I know the head gasket and water pump should pretty much just be replaced right away. Never done a timing belt or head gasket but I don't expect to run into any issues with the info I'm finding here.
Lots of sun damage to paint. 2 fixable dents, 1 more I am unsure if I can repair (right above grille, unpictured)
Shipped my toolbox and tools, so I still have to wait until later in the week before I can start turning wrenches on it.

For now I will get it clean and stare at it some more.

More pics to come when I get the dirt off her. ;)
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